Di An Branch Manager: “Without effort, success will not come”

With a bright smile, holding the award for the unit that won the first prize in the business results of the whole system in November 11, Mr. Tran Trong Minh Hoang, Director of Di An Branch and his “warriors” could not hide their joy and pride. He said that this result is an unexpected but …

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With a bright smile, holding the award for the unit that won the first prize in the business results of the whole system in November 11, Mr. Tran Trong Minh Hoang, Director of Di An Branch and his “warriors” could not hide their joy and pride. He said that this result is an unexpected but also worthy gift for the efforts of the whole branch over the years.

Hello Mr. Minh Hoang, first of all, congratulations to you and Di An Branch for winning the first prize of the business results of the whole system in 11 months. How are your feelings right now?

– Mr. Tran Trong Minh Hoang: First of all, let me thank the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors of Kim Oanh Group for developing an emulation program for the business system, so that all branches have the opportunity to show their capacity. In terms of emotions, it is definitely the indescribable joy of myself and all brothers when receiving the news of winning the first prize in the business system in 11 months. And the pride of winning the business system award for the 4th time in a row in 2023.

Before the results were announced, did you think your branch would win? Why do you think that?

– Oh, this is really a very unexpected gift. Before that, I didn’t think Di An Branch won the first prize. Because throughout the month of 11 although Di An Branch was always at the top of the system when selling the Legacy Prime project, the company also had other products that were also sold very well by the branches. Even at the end of the month, some units also rose up, speeding up strongly, making Di An Branch only win very narrowly. It can be said that winning the first prize in November business results is a great thing beyond expectations.

Di An branch was pleased to receive the award of the first prize winner of the business results in November

Di An is the newest member of our business system. Although it is the “youngest brother” in the Kim Oanh Group family, the branch always promotes the spirit of “going backwards”, many months reaching the top of business results. To achieve this, how did you and your teammates try and work together?

– Officially established in August 2023, but the predecessor of Di An Branch is the East City Branch – a unit with a long track record. After restructuring and transformation, its branch is fortunate to inherit good conditions and have many good personnel to continue asserting its position and capacity.

Recently, besides winning the first prize in November business results, earlier, in July 2023, when participating in the program “60 days and nights to accelerate transactions”, Di An branch also achieved the first or second place results of the next “30 days and nights” campaign, and the first place in the last “45 days and nights” campaign of the Legacy Prime project.

If you only look at the results and achievements, many people will think that in Di An branch there are only “red carpet, roses and wine”. But in fact, behind the success, there are always silent sweats.

To achieve this result, the branch brothers have constantly made efforts in customer search activities. From focusing resources on online channels to spending time reaching customers directly, day and night. Along with that is the dare to think – dare to do spirit of business brothers at the branch, not afraid of difficulties and suffering. In addition, the timely support from the Board of Directors, departments and departments of the Group is also of great significance.

As you just said, the achievements that your branch has achieved are not natural. Including hard work and hardship. At times like these, what do you usually do to keep employees on fire and get your branch through?

– Up to now, the business results of the branch are generally quite favorable, however, transactions are only concentrated in 20-25% of good personnel. Meanwhile, some new employees also face difficulties in accessing customers, so it is difficult to close deals. Not having sold goods plus often having to travel quite long distances from home to work and go to projects makes some of you sometimes discouraged.

Di An Branch staff are cared for and encouraged promptly

To revive morale, as the head of the branch, I regularly organize sharing and fostering sessions to help new employees consolidate and supplement the missing knowledge. At the same time, organize hot bonus programs, reward competitions to motivate and encourage the spirit of brotherhood. In addition, the setting of goals and KPIs is also maximally balanced, to support you to overcome the period of volatility.

Faced with difficulties, it is common for us to be anxious, depressed, want to give up. However, without effort, success will not come.

In your opinion, what are the “qualities” required of a good branch leader? And what is the most important thing to be a “best seller”?

– The “quality” required of a good branch leader in my opinion is to always listen and understand. When we listen and understand, it helps us understand the situation and make the right decisions.

The “warriors” of Di An Branch are always full of energy

The most important thing to being a good seller is to think positively. In the course of a salesperson’s work, anything can happen. In addition to advantages, there are also times when a few months cannot sell goods or invite any guests to the project … Without positive thinking, they will easily get bored, idle, leading to ineffective work results. Therefore, always be positive, because actively help the “Best Sellers” always be in the best shape to approach, take care of customers and close deals smoothly.

What are the things that make you most proud of your branch in particular and Kim Oanh Group in general?

– What I am most proud of about Di An Branch is the spirit of solidarity, overcoming difficulties in all circumstances. Even in the last difficult period, the brothers not only overcome strongly, but also achieved excellent achievements.

As for Kim Oanh Group, this is the 2nd time I have the opportunity to work at the group. The first time was more than 10 years ago. Currently, with the leadership of the Chairman and Board of Directors, Kim Oanh Group has “bigger” a lot. For me, the greatest pride is once again working at a strong, humane corporation, a company with a President who always loves and cares for employees’ lives.

What are the goals and upcoming plans of Di An Branch, sir?

Di An branch promotes training activities to prepare to conquer the target in 2024

– The biggest goal of Di An Branch is that all brothers can sell goods to increase income. I know that it is difficult, but hope that the members will work harder so that the number of transactions is closer and closer to 100%, and no one is left behind.

About the upcoming plan is to build a team that masters knowledge, is drastic in work, to work with the business system to complete the 2024 target.

We have just welcomed the new year 2024. What are your wishes for 2024? Do you have anything to say to the Kim Oanh Group family in the new year?

– My biggest wish is to overcome 2024 with Kim Oanh Group and Di An Branch with outstanding results.

In the new year, I would like to wish the Kim Oanh Group family a lot of health, always confident and positive to accomplish personal and team goals. The people are rich, the country is strong, when each of us individually completes our work well, we can contribute to helping the company complete the general plan.

Thank you very much for sharing. Wish you and Di An branch will always maintain your performance and achieve more success in the future.

Established on 24/08/2023, the predecessor of Di An Branch is East City Branch. Through many renovations and restructurings, up to now, the branch has grown steadily and strongly with the current number of members is 61 people.



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