Kim Oanh Group has been tirelessly creating shared value based on a win-win relationship with customers, partners, shareholders and communities. With a complete ecosystem, vast land bank and strong financial capacity, we have gradually affirmed our position on the market through our high quality real estate products and nationwide social activities.

Chairwomen's message

Defined as a responsible real estate investment and development company since the beginning, Kim Oanh Group has been tirelessly creating shared value based on a win-win relationship with customers, partners, shareholders, and communities. As a result, our every single product and service provided not only offers true qualities, actual values, and modern living experiences, but also promotes development opportunities and improves the living standard of local communities through comprehensive and wide-reaching social activities.

Over 15 years, through powerful inner capacity and sustainable business philosophy, Kim Oanh Group has thrived to become a giant with a complete ecosystem trusted by a great number of customers. 

Furthermore, with professional and nationwide social activities, we have received many prestigious awards for spreading humane values, supporting the locals and the nation in accomplishing socio-economic development goals.

The success of Kim Oanh Group comes from the efforts of  1500 close-knit professional, experienced  personnels. Throughout the development journey, we strongly believe that people are our most valuable assets.

At Kim Oanh Group, we believe that the employees as the owners of the Company. Thus,  our policies are made clear and transparent, allowing everyone to get their shares. Not just for the employees themselves, we also take care of their whole families through many programs such as scholarships, insurances, healthcare, vacations,…  

In the next development stage, we are determined to improve product qualities and service experiences following international professional standards, aiming toward scaling up the business and diversifying product lines to thoroughly satisfy customer demands.

Furthermore, Kim Oanh Group’s social activities are operated based on an advanced social enterprise model, and the company is taking its first steps into other industries (such as healthcare and education). Therefore, Kim Oanh Group is aiming for more than just accomplishing new growth goals to ascertain the position as a professional, humane and sustainable real estate investment and development company. Moreover, we are preparing essential resources for a greater purpose: – becoming a leading conglomerate in the region.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to send the most profound gratitude to our esteemed customers and partners. We look forward to your attention and companionship on the journey of community creation, enriching the values of the Kim Oanh Group.


Chairwoman of the Board of Directors (BOD) & General Director

Brand Statements


The typical real estate group that creates modern, humane and sustainable values.


Building communities –Enriching values.

Business philosophy

Shared value is the foundation of sustainable development and success.

Core Values


Sharp mind and immediate action are the foundation for tireless innovation and adaptation to changes bring forth ever-growing values. 


 People are the heart of all activities and the foundation for building long-lasting and sustainable relationships.


Walking the talk and  upholding the sense of responsibility, ethical and professional standards in all activities to stay true to the commitments.


Respecting the customers, partners, and colleagues as ourselves to behave accordingly, always be willing to listen to understand others.


Putting all the efforts into realizing goals, aiming for the best results in all activities.

Development Journeys


Development and innovation journey

Developed the high-class product line

Developed the high-class product line – Golden City.

Officially launched Kim Oanh charitable fund

Officially launched Kim Oanh charitable fund, which officially represents Kim Oanh Group to spread humane values in professional-oriented ways, and was honored to receive the Third-Class Labor Medal of State President.


Spreading humanity journeys

Corporate Profile

Kim Oanh Group

In pursuit of the philosophy of creating shared value, Kim Oanh Group has built and developed a synchronized ecosystem following criteria: Diverse, specialized, optimal, and efficient to bring a win-win relationship for customers, partners, teams of employees, communities, and society.

Real estate investment & development

Infrastructures and real estate construction

Real estate trading & marketing

Community development

Phát triển sản phẩm cao cấp

Human Resources

Results from efforts to create shared values

Kim Oanh Group has been honored for many years through real estate awards for quality products and prestigious businesses. Efforts to spread human values for more than 15 years are also recognized with certificates of merit from State leaders, local authorities, in the hearts of companions and from the community itself.
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