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In 2023, in the context of the real estate sector facing a series of challenges, Kim Oanh Group is still a brand that has made many marks in the market. The driver of the ship Kim Oanh Group to overcome the storm – Chairman of the Board of Directors Dang Thi Kim Oanh shared about …

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In 2023, in the context of the real estate sector facing a series of challenges, Kim Oanh Group is still a brand that has made many marks in the market. The driver of the ship Kim Oanh Group to overcome the storm – Chairman of the Board of Directors Dang Thi Kim Oanh shared about the consistency in pursuing the goal of becoming a multidisciplinary corporation.

– In 2023, Kim Oanh Group has many big changes from the inside. What is that, madam?

The biggest change of Kim Oanh Group is to actively seek external resources to enhance its position through strategic partnerships with international partners.

The most prominent event was the signing of strategic cooperation with Sumitomo Forestry Corporation (Japan) in April and Surbana Jurong (Singapore) in July. These are all leading brands and businesses spanning many countries.

Previously, Kim Oanh Group also established cooperation with many foreign partners such as Frasers Property (Singapore), Mapple Bear (Canada), CPG (Singapore) … Step by step, Kim Oanh Group is gradually becoming a multidisciplinary investment group, participating in many potential fields from real estate, tourism to education, healthcare… as the strategy set out a few years ago.

– Madam, how did Kim Oanh Group “weather the storm” in the context of the prolonged difficult real estate market?

We have overcome the harsh tests of the market thanks to the fact that, early on, Kim Oanh Group has actively planned development strategies for the period of 2020-2025.

Instead of massively developing real estate projects in many market segments, Kim Oanh Group has been focusing on the affordable housing segment to serve the real needs of the majority of people. As a result, projects such as Legacy Prime and Richland Residence still have a very good consumption rate, bringing stable cash flow to businesses.

In addition, we also take advantage of this period to consolidate the entire human resource machine, restructure in a compact but effective way, invest in technology systems … to prepare for when the market grows again.

– Is the announcement of the Social Housing and Low Income Housing Development Plan a strategic shift for Kim Oanh Group?

In the development orientation, Kim Oanh Group always calculates to both optimize resources and limit risks in the development process. Particularly for social housing and affordable housing, Kim Oanh Group has long conceived a methodical development plan to provide better settlement opportunities for working families.

Recently, the Prime Minister called on businesses to participate in the development of 1 million social housing units and affordable houses at the same time Kim Oanh Group completed and announced the aforementioned plan.

I myself came up from an ordinary worker with a very difficult starting point, so I understand the desire to have a home, a spacious and safe place of many workers.

I consider the development of social housing, affordable housing as a responsibility that business people need to contribute to society, not to seek profit.

– Can you give details of Kim Oanh Group’s plan to develop social housing and affordable housing?

In the period of 2023-2028, Kim Oanh Group is expected to develop 26 projects with about 40,000 products, a total investment of about 31,000 billion VNĐ.

Phase 1 from now to 2026, if favorable conditions and difficulties are removed by the State, the Group will announce 14 projects with 25,000 products.

Please add that the cooperation with international partners such as Surbana Jurong or Sumitomo not only aims to develop high-end real estate, but Kim Oanh Group also wants to make social housing, affordable houses according to international standards of Singapore and Japan through access to construction technology, design, management-operation…

The strategic handshake between Kim Oanh Group and Surbana Jurong promises many bright prospects.

When coming to the market, I believe that Kim Oanh Group’s social housing and affordable housing projects will be positively received by providing a quality, comfortable, secure and safe living environment but very reasonable prices.

– In the difficult context, why has Kim Oanh Group continuously organized volunteer activities recently?

Kim Oanh Group always considers charity as a corporate social responsibility, an inseparable mission from business activities. Through volunteer activities, we want to share values and spread humanity to the community.

Only when contributing effectively to society, the success of the business is truly successful and meaningful. Therefore, whatever the circumstances, we try to save money for volunteering.

Besides, I also think that volunteering will bring an environment to understand people, understand each other, understand the reason for life. After that understanding are the desires crystallized in the business development journey, of which Kim Oanh Group’s social housing and affordable housing development plan is an example.

– Running a business with nearly a dozen branches, about 1,000 employees, what are you most excited about?

For me, when defining goals, I must come up with a specific action plan but not rigid but flexible to respond to all changes. It is necessary to be flexible but must remain consistent to achieve the set goals.

In addition, another pair of categories that I also love in running a business are decisiveness and prudence. Because if the leader is not decisive, the work will never reach the finish line, but without caution, in today’s fiercely competitive market, there are many stumbles that are difficult to resist.

– Thank you very much!

LAM KHANH (thực hiện)

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