Real estate attraction flocks to Ben Cat

The real estate market of Ben Cat town (Binh Duong province) is assessed to be rich in potential thanks to its prime location, strong industrial development, synchronous development infrastructure system and the plan to go to the city in 2025. Step by step transformation into a modern city After Tan Uyen is officially announced to …

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The real estate market of Ben Cat town (Binh Duong province) is assessed to be rich in potential thanks to its prime location, strong industrial development, synchronous development infrastructure system and the plan to go to the city in 2025.
Customers experience the reality and learn about settlement – investment opportunities at Richland Residence project

Step by step transformation into a modern city

After Tan Uyen is officially announced to the city in April 2023, Binh Duong province now has 4 cities directly under the province. Currently, this province has completed the dossier sent to the Central Government to recognize Ben Cat town as the 5th city.

In all aspects, Ben Cat has achieved 4/5 criteria to become a city. In which, the area is 234km2, higher than the standard of 150km2, the population of 356,000 people compared to the standard of 150,000 people. The town has been recognized as a class 3 municipality.

The standards of structure, level of economic and social development are all met such as balancing budget revenues and expenditures, the per capita income of the locality is 135 million VND, more than 2 times higher than the national average.

Currently, Ben Cat has 8 industrial parks, including very large industrial parks such as My Phuoc 3 (nearly 700 hectares), My Phuoc 2 (800 hectares), My Phuoc 1 (nearly 500 hectares). In the land use plan in 2022, the People’s Committee of Binh Duong province has increased the area of the industrial park in Ben Cat to expand by nearly 116 hectares. Statistics show that in total, there are nearly 2,200 enterprises, attracting tens of thousands of workers not only in the locality but throughout the country. All help Ben Cat become one of the industrial production centers, the urbanization rate is among the fastest in Binh Duong.

Ben Cat is also a “magnet” to attract FDI. By the end of 2022, the town has a total investment of nearly 55,000 billion VND and more than 9.2 billion USD, accounting for about 25% of the total foreign direct investment capital of the whole province of Binh Duong. The average investment attraction in this area each year increased by 13.64%. Up to now, there have been a total of 5,985 projects, of which attracting foreign investment accounts for 779 projects.

The investment capital flow of enterprises is pouring strongly into Ben Cat, leading to a vibrant population, busy trading business. Only in the past few years, Ben Cat has transformed its appearance, becoming an economic-trade-service center modeled after the former cities of Di An, Thuan An and Thu Dau Mot.

The urban appearance of Ben Cat is increasingly upgraded and changed rapidly with the formation of commercial centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, office buildings, hotels, educational, medical, cultural – entertainment works… Typical projects can be mentioned as: Vietnam-Germany International University, GO! trade center, My Phuoc general hospital, Ben Cat convention – exhibition center …

Especially in November 2022, the 50.5ha Vietnam-Germany International University with an investment capital of up to 200 million USD officially came into operation. This is a school that meets strict German standards, extremely modern, opening the door for thousands of international students to have the opportunity to realize the dream of “studying abroad on the spot”.

In addition, Central Retail Group is implementing the Go! with a scale of 3ha in Ben Cat. With a total investment of about 40 million USD, this multipurpose mall includes items such as a business center for fashion, food, supermarket and entertainment. Health care is also promoted investment with existing systems and hospitals covering the whole area with 1 100-bed health center, 1 500-bed general hospital, 3 regional polyclinics, 6 private polyclinics, 8 commune health stations, ward.

Potential real estate market

Facing many development prospects, many businesses in turn look to Ben Cat to develop housing and commercial business projects. Many leading foreign corporations such as Tukyu, GoucoLand, CapitaLand, Setia, MapleTree, Sembcorp, AEON, Central Retail … has also massively invested in this area.

In addition, large real estate corporations in Vietnam are also quickly identifying the potential of Ben Cat, especially investing in developing housing projects to meet the rising demand. In particular, Kim Oanh Group – a large real estate developer in the South has contributed to this potential market with the Richland Residence commercial – serviced urban area project with a scale of up to 15.49ha.

According to a representative of Kim Oanh Group, customers can easily own houses in the modern urban area of Richland Residence with a price of only VND 1.23 billion, besides benefiting from many of the largest preferential policies in the market. In addition to the commitment of profit up to 30%, customers wishing to borrow capital will be supported by the bank to borrow 65% with a preferential interest rate of 9.9% / year fixed for 36 months.

At the same time, customers also receive a 6% discount when the transaction is successful, enjoy an early payment interest rate of up to 18%, a discount of 3-5 gold threads when buying wholesale. In addition, there are sweepstakes programs with a total value of up to 12 billion VND.


Richland Residence project was completed by Kim Oanh Group

The project owns a high-class utility system, from sports areas, parks, kindergartens, commercial streets fully integrated from entertainment, shopping … The attraction and strength of Richland Residence also lies in the green space with two central parks with an area of over 1,700m2 and 3,400m2 respectively, bringing cool air, life close to nature for residents.

The project ensures absolute safety by full legality from: investment approval policy, detailed approval decision 1/500, construction license, land use right certificate, opening and selling license…

Overall perspective of Richland Residence project

In addition, Richland Residence is also focused on financial resources for quick construction. Currently, the project has completed infrastructure, rows of houses and commercial streets are being accelerated construction. Therefore, customers down money now have a great advantage when the product can be rented or traded immediately without having to wait as long as some other projects. This plus point helps the project increase its attraction to discerning investors

Lam Anh
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